Every day thousands of decisions are made by local and central government which affect you. A local authority housing department may have decided on your entitlement for housing; a social services team may have decided how best to help you care for your child. These decisions are not always right, and sometimes it can feel that they are not fair.

At Philcox Gray we have a team of expert lawyers who can help you if you need to challenge decisions that affect you. We will listen to you and tell you what your options are if a decision by a public authority has not been made properly.

Our team consists of Sheila Donn and Beverley King, who work on child law cases; and Rebecca Bahar, Poppy Bourke and Reema Khosla who work on housing cases.


We deal with Public Law in two main areas, Children and Housing.

Public authorities have a duty to make decisions lawfully and rationally. If a local authority has made a decision about your housing or your children, it may be possible to have that decision reviewed by a High Court judge (“judicial review”). It is important to get legal advice straight away; judicial review of a decision should be brought as soon as possible and always within three months. If you are unsure whether your issue is something we can help with, call us.


Much of our work in public law is conducted under the legal aid scheme.When you come to see us for advice, we will check whether you are eligible. If you do not qualify for legal aid we may be able to arrange a different way of paying for your case, such as fixed fees or a conditional fee agreement (“No win, no fee”). We will be as clear as possible about the costs of your case and what we will charge.

If you have a Public Law matter that we can assist you with, contact us on 020 3207 2074 or by email at